Moto Metal SNIPER Cast Aluminum
  2. MO807
    Moto Metal MO807 Cast Aluminum
  3. SIEGE
    Moto Metal SIEGE Cast Aluminum
  4. RAZOR
    Moto Metal RAZOR Cast Aluminum
  5. MO802
    Moto Metal MO802 Cast Aluminum
    Moto Metal BANSHEE Cast Aluminum
  7. FANG
    Moto Metal FANG Cast Aluminum
    Moto Metal DEEP SIX Cast Aluminum
  9. MO806
    Moto Metal MO806 Cast Aluminum
  10. FOLSOM
    Moto Metal FOLSOM Cast Aluminum
A Jeep with Moto Metal Wheels

Founded in 2002, Moto Metal Wheels are the ultimate symbol of a culture of unapologetic individuals. Like their owners, they don’t play by the rules. With a wide variety of styles and unique designs to choose from, ranging from 16” to 24”, Moto Metal has your truck, Jeep or SUV covered.

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    Lookin to get into a split 10 spoke wheel? The MO998 Kraken is designed with milled accents surrounding each spoke and a unique lip detail that follows each spoke. The center cap logo is removable so you can custom color match to the vehicle or themed acc

  2. Instagram Image

    This wild Offroading family @jamesgang_offroad really pushes their MO970s the way they're suppose to be pushed... HARD!!! #TeamMotoMetal #MO970 #GlossBlack #Jeep #Offroading #Family #Fun #WheelWednesday #GetSome

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    If you're looking to further your build, you may wanna think about Powdercoating your wheels. Take a look at this MO808 Sniper in Matte Bronze powder with black painted accents. #PowderCoat #Paintwork #MotoMetalwheels #MO808 #Sniper

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    Lookin for an inexpensive Chrome 8 spoke wheel? Check out the MO962!!! Available Sizes : 17", 18", 20" & 22" #MO962 #MotoMetalwheels #Chrome #8spoke #Clean

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    MO807 MotoMetal Shockwaves in 22x12 set up on 35x13.50s looks pretty mean. Peter aka @thepurgejk picked the right color for this build. #TeamMotoMetal #MO807 #Shockwaves #Concave #GlossBlackRedMachined

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    MotoMetal Brand Ambassador Danielle aka @pvmt_queen thinks you need a set of MO985 Breakouts... Is she wrong? #TeamMotoMetal #BrandAmbassador #MO985 #Breakout #MotoMetalwheels

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    The MO805 Predator in Gloss Black Red Milled features a mesh-like design created by angled split spokes. The deeply inset face also contains little teardrop millings that add intricate detail to this deep lip design. The spokes are arranged in a rotationa

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    Simple and Clean... The MO805 Predator in Gloss Black takes your truck from Stock to Offroad with 1 visit to your local dealer!! #MotoMetalwheels #MO805 #Predator #Ford #Lifted #Offroad

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    The MO970 by Moto Metal is an 8-spoke alloy, one-piece wheel with a covered lug nut cap. This wheel is offered in a variety of finishes including gloss black, gloss black with milled spokes, gloss gray and black with milled spokes making it perfect for al